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Replace Plastic with Tableware Made of Sugarcane FibreSamanvi Bhograj from Bengaluru founded Visfortec Private Limited – a company that manufactures 100% biodegradable …Story2016-08-07 11:51:12
Eco-friendly seed Rakhis made from desi cottonThis Rakhi express your love with bio-degradable rakhis and also see it grow round the …Products, Story2016-08-04 13:34:52
Tirunelveli man on mission to green Tamil NaduFrom R.S. Arjunan sold tea in trains to make a living. When his son died, …News Story, Person2016-08-04 09:01:44
Zero budget natural farming shivir, 19-23 Aug 2016🍀☘🍀☘🍀☘🍀☘🍀☘ पद्मश्री श्री.सुभाषजी पाळेकर सर यांचे झिरो बजेट नैसर्गिक आध्यात्मीक शेती  या विषयावरील ……. 🎯🎯 …Course2016-08-01 06:30:56
What is Permaculture Design? in 3minWhat is Permaculture Design? in 3min (click here to see it on youtube)/watch?v=KfVLy0FxnPQ” target=”_blank”>click here …Video2016-07-31 21:50:37
Edible flowers resource site Search edible flowersWebsite2016-07-28 18:00:00
Ginger Massage for Kidney failure, dialysis patientsGinger Massage best for Kidney failure, dialysis patients. Thiruvananthapuram: India is gifted with rich sources …Book, Guide2016-07-27 18:56:55
Sustainable Living Store, PuneSustainable Living Store A community run store for organic, desi products and more, started by …Products2016-07-20 08:59:03
Native trees listing by Oikos (for Maharashtra)Guide2016-06-24 22:55:22
Bhoomi College: Announcing Courses on Sustainability & Holistic EducationThe Bhoomi College is a creative learning space for change makers to build their interests, …Course, Institution2016-06-24 17:59:23
Talk on Plantation Vs Restoration at Indradhanushya, Pune, 26 JuneEvent2016-06-24 11:31:53
Pune Cycle Plan : Public inputs invitedA Cycle Plan for Pune “Pune can be a city where people find cycling, using …Institution, Internship Opportunity, Volunteer Opportuniy, Website2016-06-23 18:14:11
Opportunities for volunteering and learning organic/natural/permaculture farming in and around PuneShort link for this map: Please email Nikhil on to get your place …Internship Opportunity, Person, Place, Volunteer Opportuniy2016-06-22 09:58:25
The Farm, and Protecterra Ecological FoundationThe Farm is a place for Love, Awareness and Learning. A love for the self …Event, Internship Opportunity, Organisation, Place, Video, Volunteer Opportuniy2016-06-21 13:58:17
Area measurement tool Want to find out the acres, sq.feet etc of a certain area? On this …Website2016-06-21 13:23:48
Generic medicines store in Shaniwarpeth, Puneपुणे येथे जनरिक मेडिकल चालु झाले आहे . गरिबंसाठी महागाचे औषधे स्वस्तात मिळणार . जनरिक …Products2016-06-20 21:10:36
Laporiya, RJ : Saving raindrops for thirty yearsLaporiya, a village 80 km from Jaipur, a collective effort to harvest water by 350 …News Story2016-06-19 13:39:13 Contact details: +91-9035000894 10 am – 6 pm Mon-Sat +91-9035000894 whatsapp / messaging support[at] …Organisation, Products2016-06-19 11:26:39
African Dark Earths : natural soil improvement techniquesIn Guinea and the forests of West Africa, there is a hidden history of enriching …Story2016-06-17 22:05:04
Delhi Solar PolicyDelhi Solar Policy as announced in June 2016 excerpt: The policy supports all models of …Government Scheme, News Story2016-06-08 20:35:28
Ernesto Sirolli: Want to help someone? Shut up and listen!Great talk by Ernesto Sirolli, for NGOs as well as entrepreneurs. When most well-intentioned aid …Guide, Video, Story2016-06-08 16:17:41
Villagers called Meena mad, but he grew a forestClipping from Times of India, received over whatsapp, date unclear. But the same story was …News Story, Person2016-06-05 11:22:44
Give Stuff Away for FREE (Mumbai)This is like the website where people can give stuff away for FREE on …For Giving, Network2016-06-04 01:44:24
Bhutan: world’s first wholly organic countryBhutan plans to become the first country in the world to turn its agriculture completely …News Story2016-06-03 12:42:36
Piplantri village in Rajasthan plants 111 trees when a girl is born, and other wonderful initiativesReceived in an email forward from multiple sources. Found a fuller article in a news …News Story2015-07-07 08:13:24
Kerala to go fully organic by 2016; Kasargod has already switched overCopy-posting from ​ [Kerala] To make State fully organic by 2016 The government has …News Story2015-01-03 21:54:26
Vellore model of Solid Waste Management (seen in Satyamev Jayate’s “Don’t Waste Your Garbage” episode)Cows, hens, frogs, ducks and earthworms—these are only some of the ‘workers’ helping C. Srinivasan …Organisation, Video, Story2015-01-02 16:37:51
Earthrise : 9 min videos on the SOLUTIONS for a sustainable planet earthrise explores solutions to today’s environmental challenges, taking an upbeat look at ecological, …Series2014-12-29 20:54:44
Cactus roofexcerpts from the facebook post: My first cactus roof is 6 years old……i have posted …Story2014-11-15 00:13:06
From Wardboy to Independent Filmmakerpost originally published at :  Santosh M Padwal is a storyteller, always in shorts and …Person, Story2014-11-14 15:38:17
Tiny organic garden right on your terraceWith the rising number of buildings and the decreasing open space, terrace gardening is emerging …Story2014-11-14 15:21:33
The music of plants !!!Ever wondered, what would the music by plants be like ?? Plants are very much …Story2014-11-14 00:27:41
Sick of pesticides in food ? Try ThisMost of the chemicals and pesticides found on food is due to spray over them …Guide2014-11-13 17:35:32
Zostal !!! The chain of backpacker’s hostel …CHECK OUT THE INDIA’S FIRST EVER CHAIN OF BACKPACKER’S HOSTEL…. Zostel is India’s first chain …Story2014-11-13 15:52:52
The free store !!!EVERYTHING COMES WITH A PRICE TAG ??? With total crises situation with environmental crises as …Story2014-11-10 03:12:30
Pump that runs without electricityA pump that doesn’t need electric power to run… "Ram" or water-hammer pump.. an old …Story2014-10-01 16:57:52
Aavishkaar – a learning spaceAavishkaar is a learning space for young minds to have fun with hands-on science, math, …Institution2014-10-01 02:51:29
Vermicompost project in slum area creates earnings for residents while taking care of organic waste Excerpt: Vermiculture uses worms in a controlled environment to do what they are best …Story2014-09-11 08:38:22
Organic Food is Nutritionally Far Superior to Non-Organic ProduceOrganic Food is Nutritionally Far Superior to Non-Organic Produce A ground-breaking meta-analysis of 343 studies …Story2014-08-15 08:52:21
Why you should take your kids out of school !!THEY DISAPPEAR FOR HOURS. WHEN THEY RETURN, THEIR BASKETS ARE HEAVY WITH SMALL TREASURES OF …Story2014-08-14 02:43:42
Article: Why JP Singh is every Indian farmer’s best friend Excerpts: How did an unassuming Varanasi farmer and school dropout come to be sought …Story2014-06-08 10:45:01
How To Build A Solar-Powered Still To Purify Drinking WaterHow To Build A Solar-Powered Still To Purify Drinking Water | Off The Grid News. …Story2014-02-15 15:02:09
Permaculture – Free Online Sustainability Course – Regenerative Leadership InstituteFREE PERMACULTURE DESIGN COURSE Complete Online Self-Paced Program Learn from World-Class Instructors Complete 72+ Hour …Story2014-02-12 11:56:13
Raju and Shalini Titus : natural farmers in MP, Rishi KhetiRaju and Shalini Titus have been engaged in no-till farming for over 23 years. Contrary …Story2014-02-12 07:15:31
Millet brings a windfall A farmer of Muthukadu in Tamil Nadu has been harvesting a conventional minor millet …Story2014-01-21 07:25:14
Home in Bangalore using solar power and water harvestingHome in Bangalore using solar power and water harvesting : 10:26:10
A wonder farm in Kerala“Since 2007, this research station has gone from being a sleepy government facility to an …Story2013-12-24 18:31:29
Indian knife innovationJugaad has been integral part of Indian life style,  creating useful items from the limited …Story2013-12-24 01:16:28
Nature’s lap – herbal organic productsLooking for a safe and healthy alternative for your household cleaning? Nature’s Lap has come …Products2013-12-24 00:30:17
Countless Uses for Coconut Oil This article gives and explains a huge list of uses of coconut oil.Story2013-12-19 13:03:18
Arthakranti – a socio-economic proposal for better IndiaThe ArthaKranti proposal is a well researched Scientific approach designed to completely transform the current Indian socio-economic …Story2013-12-18 23:05:56
Rainy filters for Rain water harvesting`RAINY’ First of its kind Dual Intensity Rainwater Harvesting Filters with self cleaning and auto …Story2013-12-18 22:32:40
Alaknanda – rain water harvesting systemsRain is an ultimate source of all water resources on earth. Therefore, all water in …Story2013-12-18 22:21:00
Desi (heirloom) seeds by Sahaja SamrudhaSahaja Samrudha or Bountiful Nature, a brainchild of a group of organic farmers was born …Story2013-12-18 22:00:07
Pedal-A-Watt – stationary bicycle power generatorA DIY idea to make a power generator which can be made to produce power …Story2013-11-26 21:12:44
TOXICS ALERT – An environment news bulletinEach and every second 310 Kg of toxic chemicals are released into our air, land, …Story2013-11-11 16:00:42
Roof top gardeningThere is an increasing awareness today about the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables to …Story2013-11-09 20:35:04
Everything about bamboo – Sampoorna bamboo kendraBamboo has traditionally been used for centuries as a building and engineering material and in …Story2013-11-09 19:23:53
DIY Rocket StoveA rocket stove is an efficient cooking stove using small diameter wood fuel which is …Story2013-11-09 13:46:23
The Aloe Vera CookbookAloe Vera is really quite an incredible plant. It is a succulent plant and part …Story2013-11-08 01:11:17
Swapathgami magzine – WALKOUTS/WALKONS NETWORKFor those who have taken the bold and bright decision to walk out of schools, …Story2013-11-08 00:19:58
UGERpads – CLOTH PADS FOR PERIODS !!UGER, meaning “new beginnings” in Mewari, is a women’s group in Udaipur supported by Jatan …Story2013-11-07 23:21:42
Kagzi – A unique paper making clan (handmade paper products)Kagzis are more wholesome than just business people. They preserve a remarkable heritage that grew …Story2013-11-07 15:23:26
Bhoomi magzineBhoomi Network is committed to a deeper understanding about various issues concerning Sustainable Living. It …Story2013-11-07 13:00:35
5 Epic Community Initatives From Around The WorldOur world is changing rapidly, and some of the most exciting changes in the spaces …Story2013-11-07 12:23:31
Natural dish wash powder from KryaMost dishwashers contain chemicals, additives and odor fighters that are not at all pure. These …Story2013-11-04 01:38:34
Natural detergent powder by KryaIf you are reading this chances are that you are interested in leading a more …Story2013-11-04 01:17:03
Clay cooker (smart cooker) by mitticoolYou must have come across the researches related to harmful effects of cooking in aluminium …Story2013-11-03 16:33:53
No Teflon NON STICK Clay Tawa (magic pan) with Food grade coatingWhat if you can get same advantages of non stick combined with health benefits of …Story2013-11-03 02:42:09
Bhoomi College – For sustainability studiesStep into the world of Bhoomi College — A unique community-based institution focused on fostering …Story2013-11-01 22:18:27
DIY hydrophonics – Grow edible plants without soil.Ever imagined a fully functional garden right in your balcony of apartment or near your …Story2013-10-31 21:17:23
Mosquitoes – A lifestyle problemThis post is not about telling you to cover your bodies, apply mosquitoes repellent creams …Story2013-10-31 10:02:41
The everlasting bulbPlanned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of planning or designing …Story2013-10-31 09:48:38
Food Inflation: Farmers’ Market is the answerImagine hundreds of farmers’ markets in New Delhi for instance, where healthy, chemical-free food stuffs …Story2013-10-30 11:53:38
30 desi ways to go eco-friendlySustainability, eco friendly, go green may sound like new slogans of  India, but as far as …Story2013-10-29 23:31:45
O LAYLAO LAYLA is a Mumbai based initiative in sustainable fashion.Their signature line showcases EDGY, QUIRKY …Story2013-10-29 22:39:13
Paperjewelz – vrinda gokhale philipPaperjewelz is costume jewelry that is truly unique. It is the culmination of influences from …Story2013-10-29 14:33:04
living stories- Story Telling Traditions of IndiaThe film takes us on journey to different parts of India, to explore the different …Story2013-10-28 01:43:03
KathalayaOnce upon a time, not so long ago, in June 1998, it rained heavily. Three …Story2013-10-28 01:36:15
E.L.F Project – Nitin dasE.L.F.Project is an initiative of One Earth Environment Foundation – a non-profit created to raise …Story2013-10-28 01:21:36
kathashalaKathashala has been conceptualized as a storytelling institute, specializing in use of performing arts. It …Story2013-10-28 01:08:54
Katha- translating stories, transforming livesKatha, a nonprofit organization working with and in story and storytelling for 22 years now, …Story2013-10-28 01:01:39
The kahani projectTHE KAHANI PROJECT  is a not for profit organization that has one simple aim – …Story2013-10-28 00:43:10
Saurabh phadkeSourabh Phadke is a School teacher and an architect (the former by choice, the latter …Story2013-10-26 22:17:41
Put your hand together- Bio architectsInspired by our traditional architecture, they aspire to use locally available natural materials to create …Story2013-10-26 22:01:32
Thannal – natural building group‘Thannal Hand Sculpted Homes’ is a Natural Building group based in Tiruvannamalai, India. Founded by …Story2013-10-26 21:13:46
Parabolic Solar CookersSolar cookers in various sizes both for homes and the Community, these are unique and …Story2013-10-26 13:14:51
Bio gas plant 12:33:44
Oil milling machine- TINY TECHTINYTECH Oil Mills make pure, fresh natural oil available to villagers from their own oilseeds …Story2013-10-26 12:19:10
Awara art – pankhuri singhInspired by the diverse interconnections and the endless creativity in the web of life, here …Story2013-10-26 00:53:44
Sardar patel organic farmSardar Patel Farm A certified 125 acre organic farm on the outskirts of Ahmedabad. Organic …Story2013-10-26 00:10:51
Easy bamboo rice cookerThe Association for India’s Development (Aid) India, an NGO working in Tholapi village in Pondur …Story2013-10-25 23:44:57
ShikshantarTHE PEOPLE’S INSTITUTE FOR RETHINKING DEVELOPMENT After fifty years of so-called development efforts, and despite …Story2013-10-25 23:31:02
Swaraj university, udaipurSwaraj University was designed and birthed in 2010 as a two year learning programme for …Story2013-10-25 23:18:10
Barefoot college, tilonia (rajasthan)In 1965 a young post graduate student, SANJIT “BUNKER” ROY volunteered to spend the summer working with …Story2013-10-25 23:06:59
PRAKIRIYA green wisdom schoolhttp://www.prakriyaschool.comStory2013-10-25 22:59:01
Syamantak – School without wallsSyamantak’s “School without walls” is a center for experiential learning at Dhamapur village in Sindhudurg …Story2013-10-25 21:01:01
Vigyan ashramVigyan Ashram is a center of Indian Institute Of Education (IIE) Pune. A scientist turned …Story2013-10-25 20:51:02
Seed savingI think the practice of saving seeds is due for a revival. Seed saving is …Story2013-10-25 20:41:01
Banyan tree book storeBANYAN TREE publishes and distributes books that bind together the relationship of living and non …Story2013-10-25 19:49:57
other India book storeOther India Bookstore is registered as a Trust under the Indian Societies Act, 1860. The …Story2013-10-25 19:37:16
Earthcare book storeEarthcare Books is a publisher and distributor of books on environmental issues and just and …Story2013-10-25 19:32:26
Solar solutions – SELCO SOLAR PVT. LTD SELCO Solar Pvt. Ltd, a social enterprise established in 1995, provides sustainable energy solutions …Story2013-10-25 12:44:55
Millets – NO IRRIGATION CROPEver wondered about these wonderful no irrigation crops, which require half the amount of water …Story2013-10-25 12:31:06
solar water heating systemsvisit the link — If you want  the luxury to use Hot Water all round …Story2013-10-24 20:33:26
composterIf you are seeing this, chances are that you are aware of the problem of …Story2013-10-24 19:41:40
DIY- weekend projectIf you hate regular , ugly plastic , aluminium or iron wall mounted hooks, here …Story2013-10-24 14:21:54
Bangladesh Hits 1 Million Solar Home Systems "The Bangladesh story however, is particularly exciting because Grameen has singlehandedly shattered the energy …Story2013-09-12 21:56:50
Touch healer in MumbaiMIRACLE HEALER MOHAN JOSHI FROM MUMBAI Not drugs — its miraculously the healing touch of …Story2013-09-11 11:36:16
The Play School DilemmaGood checklist for what to have and what not to have in a young child’s …Story2013-08-05 20:29:08
Itokri CraftsItokri Crafts This site features all kinds of craft items from all over India – …Story2013-07-04 20:15:19
10 Huge Lessons We’ve Learned From Solar Power Success In GermanyRead full article on CleanTechnica… 1. Feed-in tariffs can drive solar power growth like …Story2013-07-03 00:05:32
Swaraj University orientation meet 6-7 July 2013, UdaipurThe admission process for 2013 has started. Kindly check for more details on the …Story2013-06-28 09:56:54
Wild Forest Honey from Chaukul (Amboli – Western Ghats)Honey is obtained from the forest area OF AMBOLI in bio-diversity rich Sahyadri ranges. It …Story2013-06-27 20:05:23
The miracle of Hiware Bazar“Ours was a simple village with happy families. But lack of water turned our fields …Story2013-05-07 21:44:35
Resharing.orgCheck out : An initiative taken by some friends based in Mumbai, to pool …Story2013-05-07 19:33:20
Bhutan To Be First Country to Go 100% OrganicThe Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan is known for a high level of citizen happiness, but …Story2013-03-14 08:11:06
Summerhill School, UKWhat happens when a school doesn’t force its students to attend any classes, where they’re …Story2013-03-13 23:23:00
Age Segregation in School, by Learn in FreedomHistorian Joseph Kett, in Rites of Passage: Adolescence in America 1790 to the Present 1977, …Story2013-03-12 17:59:22
Interview – Nikhil Goyal On What We Actually Need To Do To Transform EducationNikhil Goyal is 17 year old (as of Jan 2013) author of ‘One Size Does …Story2013-03-06 15:44:18
Jadav Payeng Of Assam – The Man Who Grew His Own ForestA little over 30 years ago, a teenager named Jadav “Molai” Payeng began burying seeds …Story2013-03-06 15:38:58
Allan Savory: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Video on TED.comAllan Savory: How to green the world’s deserts and reverse climate change | Video on …Story2013-03-06 10:33:48 is an online community where anybody with a skill, knowledge or idea can teach …Story2013-03-06 10:25:11
UniShared – List of Online Learning Resourcesgreat collection of online learning resources, being put together by a self-designed learner and walkout …Story2013-03-06 09:24:29
Amanda Palmer: The art of askingGift culture at work in the music industry : How one artiste switched from making …Story2013-03-05 15:11:27
Interview with Kailash Murthy on Natural Farmingvideo (22 mins) Interview with Kailash Murthy on Natural Farming (2011) “Kailash Murthy, like all …Story2013-03-01 12:45:24
World’s first 3-D printed plastic car, Urbee 2 racecarA new generation of efficient urban vehicles produced not on traditional assembly lines with robotic …Story2013-03-01 11:59:17
A 15-year-old student’s ed reform plan: Self-directed learningLearning should be messy! Divergent thinking can be taught. Teachers, administrators, policy makers, and even …Story2013-02-18 13:45:50
Teen Finishes 130 Sq. Ft. Mortgage-Free HomeTeen Finishes 130 Sq. Ft. Mortgage-Free Home : TreeHugger. ..Austin has trimmed his wardrobe down …Story2013-02-18 09:03:13
Gunter Pauli: The Blue EconomyInspiring person: a serial entrepreneur who’s making business models that are more in tune with …Story2013-02-14 04:47:14
Make Your Voice Heard: Discover Democratic EducationIn a society based on democracy, participation, and engagement, shouldn’t education be democratic, participatory, and …Story2013-02-11 17:42:42
Green Gold – Documentary by John D. Liu“It’s possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems.” Environmental film maker John D. Liu documents large-scale …Movie2013-02-10 19:52:17
Natural Farming with Masanobu FukuokaFull-length documentary following the legendary Masanobu Fukuoka on a visit to India Natural Farming with …Story2013-02-10 19:33:26
MilletsMillets – Future of food and farming A comprehensive report on traditional foodgrains that give …Story2013-01-04 15:20:59
Kambha composterKambha waste composter for your home / flat by Daily Dump, Bangalore 14:59:47
Earthcare Design : Wastecare ComposterEarthcare Design : Wastecare Composter Turn your organic waste into compost in just two months. …Story2012-11-19 07:58:29
Farming – The Gandhian Way – Bhaskar SaveKnown widely as the Gandhi of natural farming, Bhaskar Save, at his farm located in …Story2012-11-19 07:43:37
How to make Amrut Jal (Water) to Enrich soilA Hands on guide for Indian farmers on How to make “AMRUT JAL” By Shri …Story2012-11-19 07:39:09
Organic farming vs Conventional farming 30 year studyAfter 30 years of side-by-side research in their Farming Systems Trial, Rodale Institute has demonstrated …Story2012-11-19 07:15:06
Nitin Das – 7 year old superhero (short film)The story of a 7 year old super-hero from the Himalayas and her quest to …Story2012-11-19 06:44:24
GandhigiriAn inspiring scene from the movie “Lage Raho Munnabhai” in which Munnabhai advises different kins …Story2012-11-19 06:39:37
Song: Gao Chodav NahinThis song describes the present day exploitation of tribal land and forests in the name …Story2012-11-18 18:33:19
Many Faces of Madness (A film by Amar Kanwar)The Many Faces of Madness is a short film that emerges from the reality of …Story2012-11-18 18:27:07
Story of Stuff in HindiA 20-minute animation of the consumerist society, narrated by Anne Leonard [youtube]Story2012-11-18 18:18:56
Inconvenient Truth in HindiA documentary on Al Gore’s campaign to make the issue of global warming a recognized …Story2012-11-18 18:06:55
Ravindra Sharma on Indian Perspective of EducationShri. Ravindra Sharma on Indian Perspective of Education. Kalaniketan, Adilabad, Andhra Pradesh. [youtube]Story2012-11-18 17:50:17
Satyamev Jayate – Rain Water HarvestingTV show Satyamev Jayate’s episode on India’s water crisis, and rainwater harvesting solutions that everyone …Story2012-11-18 17:46:12
Satyamev Jayate episode on toxic food Vs organic farmingSatyamev Jayate’s episode on toxic food vs. organic farming (in hindi) A one hour episode …Video, Story2012-11-18 14:48:04
green shaving with aloe veraHow to shave with aloe vera in your home… [youtube]Story2012-11-05 10:38:07
6-day Held Space on Community Living, Conflict Transformation and Wellness, Panchgani, December 17th to 22nd, 2012Contact Shammi Nanda, shammi_nanda (at) yahoo (dot) com Shammi: Dear Friends, We are pleased to …Story2012-11-04 08:10:55
Bags of water to keep flies away"They also had these bags of water hanging around their house. They told us that …Story2012-11-04 07:39:28
Mumbai Urban Farming Show 2-4 November 2012Event2012-11-01 08:57:05
What really causes cancer? In this talk, Mina demonstrates how it was the environment around the cells (the …Story2012-10-30 07:47:02
Dhirendra – Smita : family living sustainably on 2.5 acres land near Vadodara, GujaratTwo Thoreaus of Sakwa County (click to read the article) Dhirendra and Smita were both …Story2012-10-29 14:05:02
the Story of ChangeLatest movie in the award-winning Story of Stuff series: The Story of Change The link …Story2012-10-25 12:07:17
Urban Homestead : urban farm by the Dervaes family in California, USA[youtube] The Dervaes family in Pasadena, California has converted 1/10 of an acre of …Story2012-10-24 17:38:52
Thanal Zero Waste Centre 19:49:34
WasteCare Composter – Earthcare Design!home|mainPageStory2012-10-21 19:46:39
Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvestingWith wisdom and wit, Anupam Mishra talks about the amazing feats of engineering built centuries …Person, Video2012-10-21 18:58:31
Sanitary pads Designed primarily for marginalised rural Indian communities, these cloth pads are inexpensive, quick drying …Story2012-10-21 18:37:54
Dariya Dil Dukkan – freecyclingDariya Dil Dukkan – The shop of the open hearted happens in udaipur at Shikshantar. …Story2012-10-21 18:28:59
Soapnut washing powder and detergent 18:20:49
Earthship Biotecture – self sustaining homes by Mike ReynoldsRenegade architect Michael Reynolds, creator of radically sustainable homes. These homes: grow their own food …Story2012-10-12 22:32:39
Green Tech Life : Urban rooftop gardens A company based in Bangalore that installs rooftop gardens to grow organic food, as …Story2012-10-10 11:20:03
Tiny Tech, RajkotTiny Tech is a company based in Rajkot, Gujarat, India which is working for promoting …Story2012-10-09 07:49:17
Pedal powered devices by Hiren Jayesh, Gujrat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad IndiaWhere: Alternative Energy Department, Gujarat Vidyapeeth, Ahmedabad Who: Hiren Jayesh (one person) , Contact: …Story2012-10-07 01:42:36



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