**Statutory Warning** Scraping tiles at full speed is unethical and harmful for the whole community because you can very well crash the server, or dump high "extra-bandwidth" costs on the tiles provider and possibly bankrupt the very people who were helping you. Highly recommended that you use a controlled mechanism, like a download manager, that downloads tiles in a queue instead of all at once, with some time delay, or with a VERY tight control on bandwidth (like 10KB/s or something). You don't REALLY need to get it all in 20 mins, even if your internet bandwidth theoretically says so. Give the tiles downloading exercise a whole night, and we can all work together in peace.

Long-min ...........Long-max

Lat-min ...........Lat-max

zoom-min ...........zoom-max

Tile source: like http://otile{s}.mqcdn.com/tiles/1.0.0/sat/{z}/{x}/{y}.png (Mapquest Open Aerial)
Subdomains {s}: Could be 1,2,3,4 or a,b,c etc. Ignore if no {s} in tileURL above.

         tick this box to list URLs also: (warning: can hang your browser if too many tiles) seconds per tile download time assumed